Final Demo!

This Monday was our final demo, where we showed a working prototype of the Kinect/wave synthesis, as well as a working EL wire frog costume. Some experts from around town were in attendance, and were happy to provide recommendations, feedback, and guidance regarding the future of the completed projects. 

Some errors did arise during the presentation, showing that there remains work to be done on all aspects. We did hit our goal, though: IT WORKS.

Come see the final product in DramaTech’s production of “after the quake,” by Frank Galati and directed by Melissa Foulger. The show will open this coming February!


Crunch Time

After exhausting weeks of work and exams, followed by Thanksgiving and a break, we are back to work at full tilt. We’re moving our Kinect code to a more stable environment, finishing up on waves that the Kinect will affect, and continuing to sew our EL-wire costume. We will have a demo of our project this coming Monday, December 3rd, so please come out and take a look at our work! 

The deadline is nearly here, and we’re working diligently to get an awesome product for everyone to come see!

Coding Update

We’re nearing the end of our initial coding for gestural recognition, meaning it’s time to start debugging and integrating. The wave team and costume team are working diligently so that we can begin integration in the next week or so. Importantly for our team, we’re going to start testing and debugging our gestural recognition coding on 11/9 using group members as test subjects. We’re quite hopeful and cautiously optimistic that our code will work well…but that’s exactly what the tests are for!

There’s a lot of work to go to make this all show-ready, but it looks like we are on track to have a refined and streamlined final product come February, let alone an integrated demo by the end of the fall semester!